What is new in Page’s life?

Page is growing every day. She is now settled into her job as an Animal Reading Friend and really enjoys visits from the readers. Page is also beginning to spend outside time with Leadership. She really looks forward to her exercise on the play scape where some of her agility classes are paying off.


Happy Birthday, Page!



Our lovely Page has turned 1 years old!! The children sang Happy Birthday to her. Page enjoyed her “doggy cake”, and the children celebrated with her with cupcakes. Those with dogs at home were welcome to take a piece of Page’s cake for them. It was a fun celebration!!



A Day in the Life of Page

page1Love and Hugs is the way Page’s day begins. When Page is not at the Canine Center on Wednesdays for tutor day, she is a greeter in the front office. She lays around waiting to be loved.

Much of Page’s free time is spent training. She just completed her first obedience class at the Canine Center and was awarded a certificate for Puppy Obedience. All of the trainers say she is an exceptional puppy and is well on her way to a Canine Good Citizen award.

Page spends time with Ms. Alicia in the classrooms reading to the children. She really loves her visits with the children and always loves a good book.


This is Page –

page7It is official the entire School in the Hills family is smitten with the new puppy!

Page is our new Golden Retriever puppy. She is really enjoying her new home. Page was chosen as a therapy dog in training due to her mellow disposition and quick brain. She will be Therapy trained and run the Animal Reading Friends program here at School in the Hills.


ARF is a wonderful program that has taken off across the country. It allows children to read without having their errors corrected, improving their confidence, flow and reading aloud skills.

The puppy will spend her first weeks in the offices as she completes the toilet learning process. Then she will begin to spend time in the classrooms getting to know the children and the routine. Therapy training is a long process, but Page is a quick learner.