Support Team

Terry Zamutt – Floater

Ms. Terry has been a member of the School in the Hills team since 2015.  She enjoys the variety that a floater position offers; getting to spend time with students in the Toddler, Primary and Elementary communities and building relationships with these different age groups. She believes that one of her strengths is consistency, yet being flexible and able to switch gears if something needs to be changed.

Ms. Terry is a native Texan.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from The University of Texas at Austin and a Texas teacher’s certification. She completed her Primary Montessori Certification in 2004 from the North American Montessori Center. She fell in love with Montessori’s philosophy of helping children find their inner peace and with the beautiful materials, especially the math work.  She appreciates three-year programs that establish strong relationships with the children and their parents. She also sees great benefit in the multi-cultural communities that Montessori schools attract, giving children a real-world experience.

Melba Almazan – Floater/Elementary Spanish Teacher

Ms. Melba was born in Mexico. Her professional career begun in the hotel and restaurant industry, but things changed the moment she discovered her passion for teaching. This discovery occurred when she started working as a Spanish teacher in her oldest son’s school. As a long-life learner, she has completed countless courses and certifications in diverse educational areas such as teaching methodology and educational curriculum preparation.
Ms. Melba has worked with students from Pre-K to college. She loves helping young children to reach their potential since they are the base of our society. She knows that everybody is different and that everybody can learn in different ways; therefore, she believes Montessori system is one of the best options.
Ms. Melba is a patient, loving, and caring person. She enjoys playing and keeping children involved in activities that can enhance knowledge and challenge them. She, herself, loves to learn something new every day.
In her spare time, Ms. Melba loves to practice yoga, read, sing and dance. She enjoys spending time with her family. For her, every day is a new opportunity to do something good, to learn something new, to be a better person and to be happy.

Rozy Matteo – Head Chef

Chef Rozy grew up in Fredericksburg Virginia. As a young child her family had a small modest farm which included an organic garden and chickens. Her parents then went on to open a small Health Food store in the 1980’s where she and her brother helped to stock shelves, weigh dry ingredients and ring up customers at the register. From a very young age she learned from her mother how to garden organically, and cook with fresh ingredients and produce. She and her brother also grew up with a strong Montessori foundation attending a small Montessori program her mother ran in her primary years.

Chef Rozy began her culinary career in 1995 in Virginia with authentic Italian cuisine. She then moved on to Colorado and Los Angeles experimenting with various cuisines, techniques, large catering events and all aspects of the food and beverage industry.

After becoming a mother and moving to Austin in 2011, Chef Rozy went back to her roots and changed her culinary focus to healthy eating, whole food ingredient cooking, organic juices, smoothies, fermentation and children’s nutrition. During this time she worked for Whole Foods in the culinary department as well as their vitamin and supplements department. She became a Green mission lead for her team volunteering to do educational talks and demonstrations focusing on recycling, composting, and sustainability during school lunch at public elementary schools. She also participated in school field trip events by doing live healthy recipe demonstrations and tastings for primary and elementary age children.

Chef Rozy then moved on to become the juice and smoothie bar program lead at Apple Inc. in north Austin. At Apple she created a smoothie, juice,elixir, and vegan snack menu as well as a very successful kombucha program.

Always seeking new experiences and a need to challenge herself, Chef Rozy decided to explore unfamiliar territory in Asian cooking and techniques. She studied as Sous Chef under Chef Esther Cho partner/owner of Uptown Sushi in Houston, Texas and owner of Pho Nom and Once a Week here in Austin.

Chef Rozy is extremely passionate about healthy children’s nutrition. She strives to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into every meal in a creative and visually appealing way. She believes every meal should appeal to all five senses and encourage trying new things. She encourages children to challenge themselves to eat the rainbow of fruits and vegetables and see how many different colors they can eat everyday.