Dark clouds loomed and tension filled the air. It was the night before our annual fundraiser, Fall Festival. The school was bustling with activity but worried faces filled the hallways. There was a huge storm in the horizon and it was headed our way. Would we have to cancel our much awaited Fall Festival? The teachers and parents were concerned and the school sent out a last minute make up day email, but kept its collective fingers crossed.

The morning of October 31 dawned, bright and clear. The sun emerged and the rains stayed away. Our festival was on! It was chock full of fun filled events and activities. The Lollipop Tree, Dunking Donuts, face painting, ghoul bus rides, throwing pies at our beloved teachers were especially popular amongst the children. The Silent Auction with spectacular class baskets had everyone abuzz. Everyone had a smile on their face as the day warmed. Aromas of hot dogs, Frito Pie and chicken tacos wafted across the air. It was a great opportunity for our families to get together, meet new people, eat some good food. What a wonderful way to spend time together as a community!

The funds we raised are being used to transform our school’s outdoor areas into flexible learning spaces. Here at School in the Hills, we truly are a community. We believe it takes the efforts and contributions of every one of us to pull off an event of this scale. A heartfelt thank you to all our parents – past, present and future who turned up in great numbers to support us and make this event a huge success.