Thanksgiving Food Donation Service Project – Fall 2009

During the months of October and November we worked on a community service project to provide Thanksgiving meals to children and families in need.  School in the Hills collected, sorted, and delivered complete meals for forty families to Angelheart Children’s Center.  Angelheart Children’s Center is a shelter for children who have been victims of abuse and neglect.  There are children housed within the shelter itself, as well as foster families living outside of the shelter who have welcomed children into their homes.

During the month of October children in the primary classrooms worked hard to write different food items on cut feathers, such as “two boxes of stuffing,” or “two cans of green beans.”  Once all the feathers were finished we hung a different set on each classroom door to make a beautiful turkey.  With their parents, children plucked feathers from the turkeys throughout the month, bought the items that were written on their feather, and brought them to school to donate.

During the month of November, after all the food items were collected, the children worked hard to sort each item into categories.  We then worked in small groups to fill reusable grocery bags with everything that a family would need for a complete Thanksgiving meal.  The children made hand decorated cards to place in the bags with the food, wishing the children and families a happy Thanksgiving!

Throughout the project, we talked often with the children about how some children and families do not have all the food and material things that we do, and it is important for us to do what we can to help them.  The children learned firsthand that the meaning of Thanksgiving is not only to be thankful for what you have, but also to give to others what you can.