Soles for Souls – Helping Haiti – January 2010

Over 1000 pairs of shoes!

During the month of January the School in the Hills Community worked to help the country of Haiti after the devastating earthquake by collecting children’s and adult’s shoes for the Soles for Souls program.  Together, families went through their closets and brought in gently used shoes to the school.  The children watched in amazement as the collection at the front of the school grew and grew, until the front office area was practically overflowing!  Parents also generously donated money to help pay for shipping costs to get the shoes to Soles4Souls.

Throughout the project, we talked with the children about the joy of helping others.  The children were excited to help the people of Haiti by looking at their own homes for shoes they could share.  The project reinforced for the children how good it feels to do something to help others in need.  They also learned that even though the amount they themselves could give may have seemed small, the difference a group of people could make when joined together sure added up!