The Lukemia & Lymphoma Society – November 2011

School in the Hills raised funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We gave the children an opportunity to leave their uniforms at home and wear “street clothes” to school for a donation. This service project was initiated by Ms. Ashley, one of the toddler teachers. This cause is dear to her because her husband’s grandfather, Bob Hesch, was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) and has been taking a costly chemotherapy. He will be taking this treatment indefinitely since his cancer like many others has no cure. School in the Hills wants to be part in the fight against cancer. We raised $600 to this cause. Thank you for your support!

School in the Hills Gives Back – October 2011

The amazing service and aid rendered to Steiner Ranch by the Fire Department was greatly appreciated by the School in the Hills community. As a sign of our gratefulness, the Leadership children had a bake sale. They prepared, baked, decorated, and sold cupcakes. They were able to raise approxiamtely $226, which they personally took to the Hudson Bend fire department. Thank you for supporting the Leadership students’ service project.

Steiner Ranch Wildfires Victims – September 2011

What was supposed to be a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend turned grey when Steiner Ranch was surprised by a shocking wildfire outbreak. It was a time of uncertainty and fear. During these sad and trying times, the Steiner Ranch community came together to help the wildfire victims, and School in the Hills took part in this effort. We collected gift cards for restaurants, gas stations, Target, Wal-Mart, HEB, etc. These cards were delivered to Constable Ballesteros, Adan Ballesteros of Precinct 2, and his staff. They delivered them to 54 families affected by the fires. We opted to collect gift cards in lieu of clothing and other items because gift cards gave these families the freedom and flexibility to make purchases as the need arises. Because of School in the Hills’ community generosity, we were able to raise approximately $15,000. The Steiner Ranch wildfires of September will always be in our minds and so will the proud feeling of knowing that when a calamity threatens Steiner Ranch, its community unites to support and help their neighbors.

The 2011 LiveStrong Texas 4000 ride – April 2011

School in the Hills took part in supporting a group of 50 students from the University of Texas in their efforts to fight for cancer. These students rode 4000 miles from Austin, Texas to Alaska all to raise money for cancer research and to raise people’s awareness. Ms. Jana, from the Bears, invited some of the riders to come to talk to the children about their journey. The children also got to see the riders’ bikes and gear. As a fundraiser to help this organization, the children and staff were permitted to wear “street clothes”. We raised $700.

For more information about this cause and to see footage of the group’s ride visit the LiveStrong Texas 4000.

School in the Hills Sent Some Love! – February 2011

Our February community service project benefited the American Heart Association. We had a card decorating table set up for parents and children to make and send Valentine cards to others. They were also able to buy hugs and kisses to spread the love around. The mail system was run entirely by our students. Our Toddler and Primary students sorted out the mail, and our Kindergarteners delivered it. It was a fun experience for everyone! The children got a glimpse of how the postal service works. They enjoyed making, delivering, and receiving valentine cards. Through your support, we were able to raise $274. We greatly appreciate it!