Bulletin Board

Classroom Bulletin Board

We will continue to post news and updates on our website but please remember to check the classroom bulletin board in the commons area of the school.  Many individual classroom announcements will be posted on the bulletin board only.  It’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on in your child’s room.



School in the Hills offers a Half-day program 9:00 – 2:00 and a Full-day program 9:00 – 4:00. The ideal arrival time is 8:30.

To assure your child gets the full benefits of their day please adhere to your program’s hours. Please make sure your child is prompt in their arrival as attending the start of class sets a tone for the day. After 9:00 your child is considered tardy.

If you arrive after 9:00am we ask that you drop them off at the front office and a staff member will escort them back to the classroom.  Academic students must be picked up between 2:00 – 2:30.  (There will be a late fee assessed for each minute after 2:30.)  If you arrive to pick up your child before 4:00pm we ask that you wait at the front desk and your child will be brought up to you.

Thank you for your help in keeping our work times focused and uninterrupted.

Student Dress Code

Please remember no crocs, flip-flops, sandals or other unsafe shoes.  Children should be wearing closed toe and heel, rubber soled shoes. We are still able to wear jeans on Fridays.

Please remember to label ALL items that your children bring to school with them.  Outerwear should also be labeled.  

Outdoor Play

Time outside is an important part of a child’s day.  It provides the fresh air needed to insure good health and aids in the development of social and motor skills.  Weather permitting the children go outside every day.  When the “feels like” temperature is no colder than 35 or hotter than 101, we will continue outside time as normal.  When the feels like temperature is above 101, we will limit outside time to 15 minutes.  Children will not go outside when temperatures are above 105.  In case of a light sprinkle or drizzle, the children may still go outside for a short time.

Austin’s weather can change rapidly; therefore it is important to dress appropriately.  With our location, and the pond nearby, the playgrounds can get very windy and temperatures may be cooler at the school than at your home, layering clothing is very helpful.

If your child is recovering from an illness and is not able to go outside; you are asked to keep him or her at home.  The school does not have adequate staff to provide for your child to remain inside.