Meal Program

“Fresh, Fun, & Healthy” is what our Food Program represents. At School in the Hills we offer a meal program that satisfies the nutritional needs of our students. Healthy bodies mean alert brains that are ready to learn.

Our snacks and lunches are freshly prepared daily by our on-staff chef. She diligently plans each meal incorporating a variety of flavors, nutrients, textures, and colors making our meals colorful, fun, and tasty. We strive to provide meal menus that are unique, diverse, and dynamic. Our chef takes into consideration the teachers’ observations on the students’ likes and dislikes. This simple step in the meal planning and preparation allows us to provide nutritional choices that are well-liked by our students. 

At School in the Hills we understand the importance of healthy eating. The vast majority of our meals are prepared with natural and fresh ingredients, avoiding pre-processed foods whenever possible. Milk is served with our morning snack and lunch. Water is always available.

Meal times are great opportunities for our students to practice the Grace & Courtesy lessons learned in the Montessori classroom. Our students get to independently set the table, serve their own food, and clean up after themselves, all while interacting and having pleasant conversations with one another and their teachers.

Eating together and using family-style serving encourage children to try new foods. If your child has been a little reluctant to eat at home, we are confident that he will eventually become more open to try new foods and meals after he spends some time with us.