Parent Education

Wouldn’t it be great if our children came with a manual? Unfortunately, children do not come with a set of instructions that tell you exactly how to raise them or how to troubleshoot when you encounter a problem. Children have very unique personalities and temperaments, which can make parenting somewhat difficult.  We want you to enjoy raising your child. Our staff of trained and experienced educators is here to help you make parenting successful and fun. In this Parent Education section you will find tips,  resources, and recaps of workshops that we hope will help you learn more about your children.

Coffee & Conversation with Ms. Alicia

These sessions are wonderful opportunities for parents to get advice on diverse issues characteristic of childhood as well as to ask questions, discuss concerns, and hear other parents’ ideas. We often invite some of the teachers to present a topic as well. The attending parents have time to ask questions and receive advice specific to the difficulties they were facing with their children. We hope to see you next time!


Parenting Series

Parenting can be a difficult job. Parents often are faced with questions like “when should I say no to my child?”, “how can I help my child move past a temper tantrum?” or “how can I help my child resolve a conflict successfully?” Not everyone who becomes a parent has a degree in early childhood development or are experts in Positive Guidance techniques. We know this; therefore, we bring experts from the Austin community to share with us their expertise on many important topics. Their insight and information will hopefully equip you with tools to tackle successfully many of the parenting issues you will encounter.