Elementary & Leadership Summer Camp

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School in the Hills presents “Brainstorm Alliance”, a summer camp aimed at eager young minds. Spend your days working on exciting new challenges built on the principles of teamwork and cooperation. This summer, we bring the important message of the relevance of community in our lives and in the classroom, with a variety of innovative programs and activities. Come live the life of an artist, restaurateur, an actor, and an athlete while learning to grow those connections to the local and global community. Let’s grow those brains! And build great memories!

Camp 1: June 10 – June 14

From color-changing play dough to optical illusions, children will inhabit the world of magic and learn the tricks and trade of the craft. They will make magical bath bombs and go on a spellbinding adventure.

Field Trips: Magic’s Theater & Museum – tour and show

Keep Austin Weird!
Camp 2: June 17 – June 21

Children will discover what makes their home town fun, weird and special. Make your own tie dye shirt, craft a spooktacular bat puppet, participate in a SITH kite festival and explore some of the areas that keep Austin cool and quirky.

Field Trips: UT-Campus tour

Expecto Patronum
Camp 3: June 24 – June 28

Channel your inner Harry Potter as you enter a world filled with dragons, castles, and wizards. Make dragon eggs, mix unicorn slime, and conjure up a patronus as fantasy and fun blend in an unforgettable way.

Field Trips: Creative Action – In-house

Light, Camera, Action
Camp 4: July 1 – July 3

Ever wondered how harrowing stunts and explosions are made in your favorite movies? In this action-packed camp, children will visit Stunt Ranch and learn the exciting ways in which science is used in special effects. Campers will challenge themselves with a zip line, ropes course and more.

Field Trips: Stunt Ranch

The Great SitH Baking Show
Camp 5: July 8 – July 12

Open a secret basket of ingredients and compete in a cooking challenge. Learn different cooking techniques and sharpen your skills in this fun, culinary camp. On your mark, get set, cook!                                                                                                                   

Field Trips: Central Market Tour

Ninja Nation
Camp 6: July 15 – July 19

Reach for the sky as you challenge your body and mind in this adrenaline-fueled camp. Try your skills at a daring agility course and see if you have what it takes to become a warrior.                                                                                                                                           

Field Trips: Urban Air Adventure Park Warrior Course

Walk Like an Egyptian 
Camp 7: July 22– July 26

Unlock the secrets of ancient Egypt. Learn to make papyrus, mummify apples, build a ‘pyramid’ treasure box and taste “Kushari”, the national dish of Egypt in this journey to the Land of the Nile.                                                                         

Field Trips: Food tasting & virtual tour – In-house

Urban Art 
Camp 8: July 29– August 2

Add a little color to your life and explore the techniques used by artists to create murals, street art, and graffiti. In this art based camp, children will create self-portraits and use stencils to make their own graffiti.

Field Trips: Deep Eddy Pool Mural & bus tour of Austin’s iconic murals 

Dirt Detective
Camp 9: August 5 – August 9

Unearth the secrets of the past! Children will engage in a variety of hands on activities like creating their own cave art, making a fossil, and building their own archaeological dig.

Field Trips: Wonder World