Garden to Table

Designed to inspire healthy eating habits, our food program encourages children to explore a spectrum of fruits and vegetables, each representing a different color. From red strawberries to green spinach, our diverse and delicious menu not only tickles taste buds but also provides a rainbow of essential nutrients.

Our program fosters a connection between healthy eating and the environment. Our monthly menu is always rotating, always fresh, and always healthy. We take a seasonally focused approach inspired by the cultures representing our entire community, cultural celebrations throughout the year, what’s growing in the gardens on campus, and knowing what the children will love. 

Join us in exploring different foods from around the world and our gardens to cultivate a taste for fresh and sustainable food, providing a culinary education from kitchen to classroom. 

Authentic Montessori on the Menu.

The children eat family-style, and the menu incorporates practical life skills as often as possible. We find our Toddlers who grow with us through Elementary develop not only their brains, but also their palate and an appreciation for food throughout their journey. 

By sitting down with children during meal times, teachers serve as positive role models, demonstrating the importance of balanced nutrition and mindful eating.

Encouraging the “no thank you bite” approach is a valuable strategy in this context. This practice involves encouraging children to try a small portion of a new or less preferred food, promoting a positive attitude towards diverse and nutritious options. 

The Professionally Run Kitchens at School in the Hills

We serve over 400 individuals between our two campuses daily, three times a day. We ensure that every month features a unique menu, and we never repeat the same selections. Every day is designed to offer a well-balanced combination of protein, grains, fruits, and greens.

We source the majority of our ingredients from high-quality providers like Ben E Keith and Segovia. There is no compromise here. Our lunch recipes call for scratch-made entrees that never lean on a meal that is straight from the freezer or already finished in the can.

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