Children 18 months to 3 years old

I Do It”…A toddler’s favorite phrase. No matter how difficult the task, a toddler wants to do it himself.

Our Toddler environments are designed to provide the tools for children to do things on their own. We meticulously select and create materials that support our students’ need for independence as well as their physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development. This kind of environment frees the child to grow and develop according to his own potential and at his own pace.

In our Toddler community, we value the child’s energy, abilities, and curiosity. Our Montessori trained teachers focus on providing meaningful activities that promote exploration, movement, concentration, fine & gross motor development, language, and order. These activities and experiences allow the child to build a strong foundation for their future academic endeavors.

In this community, the teachers are also working hand in hand with the children and their families to complete the toilet learning process.

The students in our Toddler environments learn and grow in a safe, well-prepared, and loving atmosphere. You will be amazed at the incredible things our toddlers are capable of doing.

By the end of their Toddler experience, the children are ready for the Primary (3-6) environment. They are increasingly interested in learning from other children and about the world around them. The more complex social life and the vast array of materials and lessons to be learned in the Primary class satisfy their continuing need to grow.


Learning music is fun when children match pitch and rhythm using hand shapes and move to musical cues. Matching pitch and rhythm using hand shapes are the fundamental building blocks for future instrumentation and music literacy.


Toddlers start learning the basics of a second language through fun and engaging activities. A multi-sensory approach utilizes songs, puppets, stories, and realia. Children learn to associate words and sounds with specific actions. This experience helps commit the learning to memory and develop an “ear” for the Spanish language through practice, repetition, and sound recognition.

Our extracurricular programs are designed to enrich students’ experiences, foster personal growth, and build a sense of community. Whether it be arts, sports, STEM, or chess –  there’s something for every child to explore and enjoy. These activities encourage students to develop new skills, make lasting friendships, and discover hidden talents.

Soccer Shots is the most trusted and engaging children’s soccer program for ages 2 to 8. Whether your child is just starting off on their soccer journey or is looking for a challenge, Soccer Shots offers programs with a focus on making a positive introduction to sports and activity while also making a lasting impact on kids and their families.​

Kids Elevated Tumbling is a safe and inspiring space for kids to direct their energy, build confidence, strength, flexibility and get a little silly while they’re upside down. We teach the basics of tumbling—from cartwheels to handstands—and nurture your child’s developmental milestones every step of the way.

Spanish for you 2! Toddlers is a fun and interactive program designed for toddlers who want to learn a second language. Through songs, games, role play, puppets, flashcards, sounds and much more, Ms. Melba will help children to learn basic vocabulary.

Little Cyclists is committed to create an environment that is truly focused on kids having fun. Little Cyclist is to provide an opportunity for the children to develop self-confidence, motor skills, coordination, and much more. Our goal is for your child is to conquer balance, coordination, and confidence on a balance bike in a safe and fun environment. Beginners welcome! No riding experience required. The balance bike, helmet and safety gear are provided during the lesson.


Dr. Montessori wrote of the development of human potential. School in the Hills provides an environment that contains everything a student needs for their total development. 

A self-awareness program that develops kindness, anger management, and emotional problem-solving. Role-playing and modeling make this an interactive program.

Children will learn to calm their minds and bodies in these basic yoga classes.  From learning the poses to meditation skills and the peace candle, focus and connecting mind and body are the key skills.

Vegetable Gardens and Butterfly Gardens demonstrate the life cycle and role of plants in our environment. They draw all forms of wildlife into our yard; the result is the observation of the close tie between nature and humans.

 School in the Hills students and parents participate in collecting or caring for many types of organizations that benefit children and families. The children play a role in organizing, collecting, sorting, and preparing items for delivery. Learning to give back is an essential lesson for all humanity.

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