Summer Camp

Water Days! Cooking Enrichment! Field Trips!

Our summer program is a natural extension of our Montessori curriculum and is filled with fun, field trips and learning. Each year, our experienced and talented team of teachers put together an exciting array of themed camps that include cooking, art exploration, splash days and more. School in the Hills offers full day camps for primary through upper elementary ages. Our toddler program continues through summer for year round students.

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Summer Camp 2020

Expedition in the Hills

Art Around the World

Bring out your child’s inner artist as we dive into worlds inhabited by masters old and new.

River Place & Steiner Ranch
June 8 – June 26

Animals Around the World

Take a walk on the wild side as you study animals and habitats from different continents.

River Place & Steiner Ranch
June 29 – July 17

Celebrations Around the World

Become a part of the global human family as children learn about people and cultures around the world.

River Place & Steiner Ranch
July 20 – August 7

Brainstorm Alliance

Leadership Summer Camp
Superheroes Assemble

Camp 1 (June 8 – June 26)

Embark on a top secret mission & save the world! Design your own superhero costume & profile. Learn what it takes to be a real life caped hero.

Ready, Set, Sculpture!

Camp 2 (June 29 – July 17)

Explore the techniques used by artists to create contemporary art. In this art based camp, children will work on creating their own unforgettable sculptures using papier mache, recycled materials & clay.

Game On

Camp 3 (July 20 – August 7)

Clue comes to life! Create and play board games that children design and bring to life using a variety of artistic media.

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