Children 6 to 12 years old

The passage from kindergarten to elementary is the passage from sensory education to cosmic education. 

The child at this stage has a need for abstraction and intellectual challenges. He is constructing an impression of the whole universe in order to comprehend any one aspect of creation. Also, he is developing a moral sense and is concerned with issues of justice. Children experiment with social order among their peer group and conflict often arises. The elementary child is highly social, emotionally available, and dramatic.

For the elementary students the classroom is not confined only to the prepared environment of the classroom but expands to include the world around them and subsequently the universe. For the elementary child, who has an incredible curiosity and ability to imagine, the classroom is too small thus learning must continue out into the community that he is a part of. All experiences of going out serve to support the academic, physical and/or social needs of the child. The children make suggestions and bring ideas from their experiences outside of school and personal areas of interest.

In the Elementary program, children are given lessons individually and in groups, both small and large. Most of the cultural subjects are given to the entire group, whereas math or language lessons are tailored to the individual. The children are expected to work across the curriculum and are required to complete a math, language and culture activity each day. The children are primarily self-directed and free to make work choices from their list of presentations.

Enrichment Programs


Elementary students enjoy a music program enhanced by Music Mind Games, an innovative curriculum that utilizes clever games alongside fun and attractive materials. Students learn major and minor chords, matching pitch, and reading more intermediate music from the treble clef. They also study music history and methodologies, starting with the Renaissance composers.

Our upper elementary students are given a distinctive opportunity to explore musical theatre comprehensively. This program combines singing, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance to create an immersive theatre experience. In addition, the students learn how to run a play from start to finish, including directing, managing stagehands, and balancing sound through the twelve-channel mixing board, microphones, and PA system. Their hard work culminates in a full-scale musical performance each spring!

Science with Mr. Fry
AKA “FRY-ence”

Topics run parallel with the curriculum in the Montessori classroom and are augmented with additional lessons based on current topics or fascinating science stories. A variety of engaging presentation aids are used with plenty of emphasis on hands-on experience where applicable. Use of the scientific method, critical thinking skills, and intellectual exploration is incorporated in all lessons to build a genuine love and aptitude for science.


Elementary students expand their comfort with the Spanish language by developing confidence in communicating in Spanish through conversation. Older students begin to practice basic reading and writing in Spanish, setting the foundation for exploring grammar. Cultural experiences and performances are added to engage the students in utilizing their Spanish in fresh and exciting ways.


Students embark on a captivating exploration of a diverse array of classical and contemporary artists. Through the use of various mediums, styles, and subject matters, they not only gain a deep appreciation for the artists’ legacies but also discover and nurture their creativity, fostering confidence in their unique abilities. It’s a journey that encourages self-expression and celebrates the vibrant world of artistic exploration.


Our extracurricular programs are designed to enrich students’ experiences, foster personal growth, and build a sense of community. Whether it be arts, sports, STEM, or chess –  there’s something for every child to explore and enjoy. These activities encourage students to develop new skills, make lasting friendships, and discover hidden talents.

In addition to the regular weekly games (and challenge ladder), each session we’ll be reserving time to learn specific openings, strategies, famous player bios and general advice from those players. Time to ramp things up and keep it interesting! Let’s play!

DroneTogether is a hands-on STEM program that aims to teach the basics of flight and beyond. Our exciting class offers a space where every child gets a meaningful and safe opportunity to experience innovative flight technology. Our pilots work on skills and challenges in class to help them advance from holding the drone in place for 2 seconds, to flying through hoops, staying away from lava, and flying through obstacle courses. Join us and become a master of flight!

This class is built for the older child who needs some additional instruction with letter formation, placement, and legibility. We use many different writing implements and strategies to help writing become more legible, fluid, and easy! Using multi-sensory activities and games to promote awareness and practice correct formation and placement makes handwriting fun, functional, and engaging! Parent education emails are provided each week with additional information and ideas to extend the learning at home!

Over the course of this program, students will get the opportunity to whip up healthy snacks, make special holiday theme treats and much more. The purpose of this Camp is to encourage students to expand their palette to a variety of food, and to get hands-on in preparing them.


Dr. Montessori wrote of the development of human potential. School in the Hills provides an environment that contains everything a student needs for their total development. 

A self-awareness program that develops kindness, anger management, and emotional problem-solving. Role-playing and modeling make this an interactive program.

Through traditional cardiovascular activities and games, children learn to enjoy physical fitness in both a cooperative and a competitive framework. While developing their own physical tools, they are also learning the importance of being a graceful and courteous participant, regardless of the outcome.

Children will learn to calm their minds and bodies in these basic yoga classes.  From learning the poses to meditation skills and the peace candle, focus and connecting mind and body are the key skills.

Vegetable Gardens and Butterfly Gardens demonstrate the life cycle and role of plants in our environment. They draw all forms of wildlife into our yard; the result is the observation of the close tie between nature and humans.

 School in the Hills students and parents participate in collecting or caring for many types of organizations that benefit children and families. The children play a role in organizing, collecting, sorting, and preparing items for delivery. Learning to give back is an essential lesson for all humanity.

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